X-Trans support in Apple Aperture

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Re: X-Trans support in Apple Aperture

photo chris wrote:

JasperD wrote:

Joel Stern wrote:

Done a long time ago. Seems to have fallen on deaf ears but will try again

Indeed, done quite frequently since I have the X-Pro1, so since February 2012. Over a year now, still nothing... Exactly the same treatment as the Foveon. I gave up on them end last year, this very long time Aperture user has now jumped ship to LR. Still, a shame on Apple, it looks like we can only trust them with disappointing us lately.

Same here, got tired of waiting for Apple to stop adding apps for the ipad and update its software. Software accounts for such a small part of Apple's revenue it seems to have become an afterthought. A couple weeks of iphone sales equal a years worth of software, so its not surprising. Aperture is in need of a refresh, Logic has been around for years and feels ancient, took forever for a Final Cut revision and its still not all that great. Adobe pops out a new version every other year and is pretty good about staying ahead of everyone else. I went from Aperture and Final Cut to Lightroom and CS5/6 and haven't looked back.

What are you talking about? Aperture got an update a few weeks ago and has been regularly updated.

I've done comparisons between Aperture 3 and Lightroom 4 (I have them both) and I HATE the way Lghtroom 4 renders blue skies from RAW.

Of course you can make adjustments and fiddle around to try to improve it, but Aperture nails it right out of the box.

You jumped ship too soon. Nervous Nelly.

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