A list of good/bad MFT lens for new owner?

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Re: 45-150 or 45-200

Hey Jos,

Thanks very much for your clear answer on the 45-175 lens.

Glad to help!

Sure I am on a budget that is why i have tested with my 100-300 lens with the ETC functie and I did that also with my 14-140 lens.

These results made me think that with the ETC functie on the 45-175 I can use the 45-175 in ETC mode above the 125mm, 150 mm so I get the same range as on my 100-300 lens!?

Yes, you get the *same* range if that's all you're considering...

The caveat is, however, that with ETC you lose a lot of pixels... ETC basically 'extends' the length of lens by cropping down the image (simulating the use of a smaller sensor), so effectively multiplying the crop factor.

It would probably be ok, though if you're really want the FULL 16 Mpx above 150mm, then you can't do it with ETC... (but granted, losing pixels, is a much less of a crime than losing image quality with digital zoom!)

If this all correct than I buy the 12-35/f2.8 lens and buy the 45-175 lens??
I sell my 100-300 my 14-140 and my 20/f1.7!!!Is the low-light better or worse, the 12-35 have OIS is that enough compensation for the lost os 1 1/4 stop?

If I have done that, I gain a lot of image quality and less swapping with my stills and I am gaining also my video zooming smoothness

Well... I think your problem is a bit more complex than this, so it should be be split into 3 really...

Problem 1: Should I exchange the 14-140 for the 45-175 X (or 45-150/200)?

Probably Yes.

The 45-175 X (and 45-150) lens will give you a reasonable boost in image quality, aperture and tele reach.

45-175 X: you gain IQ at 45mm (mainly the centre), and at 175mm (both centre and edges). You also get around a stop faster aperture at 45mm (f4), but the difference is marginal at the tele end. You also get a bit more reach at the tele end (but lose the wide end...)

45-150: you gain IQ at 45mm (mainly centre), but IQ at 150mm is comparable. You gain a stop at 45mm, but tele is marginal. The reach is less, however, as you lose the wide end...

The 45-175 X will also help with video zooming due to PZ.
Both lenses means you'll carry less bulk (350g v. 500g), and you might end up with a profit by trading in the 14-140 (£450?) for the 45-150 (£200) / 45-175 X (£300)

Problem 2: Should I exchange lenses for the 12-35 X?

Maybe Yes, if you have the budget.

The 12-35 X is superior to the 14-140 in IQ and aperture.
The 12-35 X is comparable (but a bit worse) than 20 f1.7 (primes > zooms, usually...)

It's mainly edge performance you lose (but both are still rated good IQ) with the 12-35 X, and you lose a stop in aperture (f2.8 v f1.7). The 12-35 is also a lot bigger/bulkier.

It all depends on whether you value flexibility (of a zoom) vs. aperture/quality (of a prime).. and You can't really gain aperture stops (in terms of background blurring / action shots), but OIS really helps for low light shooting.

An alternative *budget* option, would be to keep the 20 f1.7, and get the Panny 14-45 (£150, using the money you gained by trading the 14-140.)

The 14-45 which for all intents and purposes is a decent lens for IQ, if you don't mind the aperture being a bit small (f3.5-5.6). At 45mm, IQ suffers a bit (but it's still pretty good) and you're limited to f5.6. (why it's called the poor man's 12-35 X).

Problem 3: Should I sell the 100-300 for 45-150/45-175 (in ETC mode)?

Already answered above. But if you already have the 100-300, I think you should keep it for now, unless you definitely wish to liquidate the value of the lens (£300 maybe?)

Personally, my opinion is that the 14-45, 20 f1.7, 45-150/175, 100-300 combo would do you much better than 14-140, 20 f1.7, 100-300 on balance. This is assuming you don't mind changing lenses during shooting / video....

The 14-45 + 45-150/175 might be free if you exchange your 14-140 for a good price (if you don't mind the hassle of ebay!) Whereas the 12-35 X would be a hefty upgrade...

Hope this helps?

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I'm currently using the GX1 with the 12-35 X, 45-175 X and 100-300 as my main setup (backed up by the 45 f1.8)...
this was after upgrading my trusty 14-45 (given to my gf...), which was itself an upgrade from 14-42 X kit lens (that I keep as a compact travel lens).

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