Blending signature wines...and the P7700

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Re: Blending signature wines...and the P7700

Sunshine_boy wrote:


3. What color setting do you use, Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Custom?

4. Any fine adjustment on the Auto WB?

5. I assume you are using Auto iso and Aperture priority mode?

Your overall color tones look very pleasing indeed. I always go for a little punchier colors (but not vivid) which I like but sometimes give a little too contrasty results. That is why I am asking about your color and WB settings. I would appreciate your comments on the settings (and results) I use as written in my thread.


Ben Herrmann wrote that the shooting was done in RAW.

I think that the settings you mentioned above haven't any influence on the RAW data itselves, but could provide side-information for the RAW-Converter you use (if the latter can read them). A while ago I read that  the proprietary ViewNx2 can read them, but I don't know to which extend these are taken into account in the developping process as I don't use this program.

I use DxO, and the only explicit setting there with a reference to cam settings is white balance. I can leave it "As Shot" or choose among among several light conditions.

I haven't done any tests comparing the influence of cam settings to my RAW-pictures and won't do in the future. But for an investigating mind who has more time on his hands than a retiree, it should be interesting to do a field-test 

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