WARNING: Fake Hoya filters from eBay seller hkdirect

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Re: WARNING: Fake Hoya filters from eBay seller hkdirect

So far, I have purchased all my filters from reputable US sellers, and I have both the UV(C) and UV(0) versions. I can say that for me, my Hoya 52mm HMC UV(C) has "Philippines" printed on the ring, whereas yours from hkdirect does not appear to. My UV(C) barcode also resembles the one in the middle. However, regarding the finish, my UV(C) has a glossy finish while my UV(0) has a matte finish, so I think this is more of a difference between UV(C) and UV(0) than anything else, and I wouldn't sweat over it. Still, from this we can conclude that at the very least the US and HK filters come from different batches. Whether they are fake, I'm not sure. Maybe you could contact Hoya, as they would have specialist knowledge about all the products they manufacture.

I also have B+W filters, and it is true that B+W filter boxes do not have seals on the bottom. The hologram should appear bright green if dead-center and dark green if off-center. It should say "B+W FILTER" when viewing from the left and "GENUINE PRODUCT" when viewing from the right. From your information I see no evidence that they are fake, though the "used" part is a possibility given that they don't seal their bottoms.

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