Need an advice on camera+lens combo for wedding

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Re: Need an advice on camera+lens combo for wedding

First you have to ask yourself one question:

Are you willing to carry two bodies? Or is the second body just for safety? Then try to borrow a cheap dx camera, if you never intend to use it.

In contrary to most posts before I would opt for a wideangle lens to get better shots of the venue. You can always crop images if 70mm is not sufficient.

I´d also bring a second flash just for safety, from my own experience I know it is easier to break a flash than a camera during a wedding.

50mm is not the best focal length for portraits, try to get at least a 85mm lens.

Besides the gear there are some very important things:
-You must be able to quickly shift af areas, as "focus&recompose" won´t work well wide open...
-shoot raw.
-you must be able to mix flash and ambient lighting (no, the "slow" setting is not a viable solution)
-bring more cards has some nice workshops about wedding photography in Germany...

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