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Same story all over again

Many don't know how to compare files, or how to analyse what is shown. Since many think 16 Mp must be cleaner than 24 Mp at high ISO, this also is their conclution even before doing well controlled and repeatable tests. Picking some random pictures on the web is sufficient! They don't even bother to tell how they compare: sensor area, image size or pixel by pixel, or if they judge the quality from looking at the monitor or high quality prints. And then they tell us to accept their "findings" ... etc. Always image quality is about one aspect: noise!

For the linked discussion we don't even know if the sample files are well exposed to keep the full dynamic range or if they are slightly underexposed. This might affect noise more than doubling the ISO value! Some also say that the sample images are scaled down and has a lot of jpg artifacts. I didn't take time to check this out, since I find such treads mostly a waste.

Still many make conclude as if they were experts, and judge the camera from ... we don't really know what.

Same on all forums ... many people don't even realize that their computer monitor might be a problem, showing pretty clean crops like they were noisy.

But this is the nature of internet forums, so we just have to accept this kind of noise too!

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