Judge's Choice Awards: Thai 1--Environmental portraits

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Re: Judge's Choice Awards: Thai 1--Environmental portraits

Wildbegonia wrote:

l_objectif wrote:

Wildebegonia, could you find a ticket?.... from here, everything is booked and I can't make it till we reach the dead line!

My dear friend, here, in this beautiful planet where I live, no one uses air tickets. We have Transporters which means that we can travel (by means of a dematerialization and rematerialization process ) to any where and still meet the dead line. :D. The only problems is that one can not be located with a GPS, therefore it will be impossible for the host to find out where the photo was taken K)

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"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in" Leonard Cohen

Don't you folks already have UPS (Universal Positioning System) or DHL (Domestic Hologram Locator)? Some hi-tec apparently takes time to reach faraway places...

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