Please help, i have Nikon D90.

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Re: Please help, i have Nikon D90.

JRnuest wrote:

i have nikon D90 and i want to capture photo like this? what lens should i use ? and camera settings too ? thanks, im newbie here..

What lens: I'm guessing this is a medium long lens. A standard lens would be around 30-50mm. A lower number would be a wider lens, a higher number a longer lens. I think this was a longer lens than 50mm for a couple of reasons - the depth of field (the amount of front to back detail in sharp focus) is small, which indicates with either a wide aperture and/or a longer lens. And the lines on the square post are not converging, which I expect they would if shooting standard to wide angle.

So to take shots like this on a d90 you need a lens of around 70mm or longer and a wide aperture. F2.8 is great to have, but f4 may well be wide enough (the smaller the number, the wider the aperture.

Once those points have been established, its a matter of balancing the exposure triangle (aperture/shutter speed/iso rating) to make sure the correct amount of light reaches the sensor. This is often very easy as the camera will get it pretty much right, but you will often need to change the amount of light as the camera can be fooled. In this shot, the image has strong direct light in the background, but soft diffused light on the subject. That can be quite tricky to balance so that both highlights and shadow retain detail.

Research 'exposure triangle' and 'exposure compensation'.

Once you have those in your mind that's the boring side of photography out of the way. You can then concentrate on subject and composition, all you need is a japanese man holding a sword, and an eye for where he needs to be in your frame. That's the real part of photography, and what makes it personal.

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