Help with Zeiss 24mm!

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Hi, and thanks for taking time out to reply.

As mentioned before, I'm new to the NEX system (after upgrading from an old P&S). I opted for the original 18200 to serve as a general travel lens for situations where I would prefer not to constantly switch lenses. That being said, it's still the lens I use more in comparison to the 1650 kit lens.

I was considering the 24mm Zeiss in order to get better quality pictures, sharpness and perhaps better background defocus as well. I guess for me it would be worth it if the pictures are noticeably better.

I'm a PhD student, so I don't have tons of extra cash but I wanted to invest in a good prime lens. I found some old Canon lenses that belonged to my grandfather (FL 200mm f4.5 and a FL 58mm f1.2 - both on this website if you scroll down

I purchased the adapter so they work on the NEX (but I'm abroad right now, so don't have these on me) and I guess it would take a bit of work figuring out how to use the manual lenses properly?

While I understand that a larger aperture such as the 1.8 on the 24mm Zeiss is optimal for low light conditions (I don't shoot a lot in low light at the moment) - is it really worth the $950 that I'll spend on a new prime?

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