Sony NEX-7n Rumored for April

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Re: Sony NEX-7n Rumored for April

Big Kahuna 1000 wrote:

An updated version of the NEX-7, the NEX-7n , may be available in April.

Possible changes:

"The specs of course cannot be confirmed at the moment, but according to the tip, the NEX-7n will feature a 24MP camera with phase detection pixels on its sensor. This will be a new sensor and will not be the same one on the NEX-7. Apparently the internal circuitry has also been redesign and supposedly solves the overheating problem."

Personally, I hope the changes are minimal so I do not have the agony of deciding whether to upgrade or not, and the expense if I do decide to upgrade.

The NEX-7 really is a nice little camera and works very well for my needs. But, the user interface!

This has all been discussed before, so free free to skip to the next post.

In upgrading the NEX design for the more advanced user, but the menu system is still strictly on the P&S design (not not even the best for that).

  • Why no custom modes? Only an overly restrictive individual button customization.
  • Why no button to toggle (or cycle) between still and video playback. There are several unused buttons in playback.
  • Why is macro a scene and not a mode? Doesn't even tell one what metering mode is used, let alone allow you to set it. Macro only affects, focus - other parameters should be settable.
  • Anti-motion blur is a mode, but hand held twilight is a scene type. There is some rationale behind this, but rather dubious to me.

Sony needs to rethink the NEX-7 menu design and button usage from the point of the more advanced user who is more impressed by speed and ease of operation rather than pretty menu pictures!

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