What are your worst habits as a Photographer ?

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Re: What are your worst habits as a Photographer ?

simon wrote:

1. Not taking my camera along with me as much as I should.

When I got my first digital camera, I used to take it only to 'important' things, only to find a myriad of wonderful photo opportunities around me every day.  Solution: take camera everywhere, every day.  So easy with something small like a X10 or even X100.  Not quite as easy with the X-Pro 1, but if you have a dedicated section of a bag, it can go in there.

2. Following a run of "average" photograph taking, stowing away my camera only to miss the "best shot" that presents itself magically after I have put the camera away.

I still get this from time to time.  My solution is to always have a camera around my neck or in my hand.

3. Leaving my camera set with an insidious setting left turned on from a previous session. The setting is always the one that you don't notice when chimping but find when doing post processing (I only shoot jpg) later on.

Fortunately, I left those days behind me when I got cameras with Auto ISO.  And now I always shoot raw.

4. Being too courteous about the shot. I should be more ruthless in getting the image I want.

Definitely.  Ruthless but still discreet and courteous.  Be the smiling assassin.  Or up your ninja quotient and learn to shoot from the hip, from the shoulder, or any other way that you can take photos without people noticing.

5. Not having sufficient charged batteries. I always seem to run my cameras into flat battery situations.

Always carry a spare charged battery, a spare memory card, and try to charge your last battery before you go to sleep.  Put the charger next to your bed, beside your watch or phone, so you see it in the morning and it just becomes another habit.

I suppose my worst photo habit is to carry TOO many cameras and lenses.  Today I carried the X10, the Ricoh GRD III and Oly OM-D. I only used the OM-D.  Tomorrow I'll have the X10 and X100 in my bag and I'll most likely only use the X100.  On some days I carry four cameras and a slew of lenses, and I'm just going out for dinner with friends!

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