Why a Novaflex adapter?

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Re: Why a Novaflex adapter?

LAbrewin wrote:

On the subject of adapters, I own a cheap chinese Minolta MD adapter that works like a charm. I tried a couple cheap leica M adapters and leica screwmount adapters and neither worked. One cheap leica adapter became loose and wobbly, while the other didn't fit my voigtlander 35mm 1.2. I'm using a Rayqual adapter now (more $$), and the fit and finish is much better.

My advice? If you buy cheap, buy from a place with a good return policy.

I'm the sort of person who hates to make compromises with anything. I buy woollen socks from trustworthy vendors, my headphones are from makers who make stuff to last years (and sound good), and my lenses are at the youngest, 9 years old, meaning I want to use stuff that is tried and true. Or, if neither, at least from a tried and true company.

I have no problem paying $$$ for a Novaflex if it offers what I want and works as to the asking price. The modular tripod system is something I'm very keen on.

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