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"Olympus better hurry"


Interesting thread there for many reasons. Posting cap being reached, I found interesting what the OP said considering who the OP is, but there it is, she said it

"Olympus better hurry" is exactly what I thought when the K-5 got announced right after the E-5 got announced. Even earlier than that, when Pentax announced the K-7 I remember several members of the forum including the likes of "Bootstrap" commenting on it with interest.

And before I get accused of typing "Pentax" too much in this post, we all know what Nikon is doing now.  I am also expecting a Canon surprise within the next three years as they finally wake up a bit.

Some jumped to an OMD-5 to get the "sensor epiphany/revelation" of what a good sensor with better ISO performance and DR can do for them in a photographic tool they spend money on, while many are waiting on this new technological marvel to make it to an E-5 body. Something they could have had in 2010 on a K-5 (and still have to this day).

But for some reason, back then, the E-5 was fine. Noise and DR were somehow better than the E-3/E-30, competition be darned because the E-5 is more than good enough, as it improved all key aspects of what sensors do, right? (er.. um... maybe not).

*shrugs* cest la vie, when tie your heart to brands.

For what it's worth, I think an E-7 having just an E-5 body with OMD-5's sensor, would be a really nice upgrade from an E-3/E-30/E-5. Even better- an E-1 with the OMD-5 sensor

I am beginning to think it will start to be "a little too late" vs competitors but that won't matter much as the sensor of the OMD-5 I think would bring it to a level of "reasonably good enough" for a lot of good quality photographs in a fairly wide variety of situations.  And the E-7 is not a camera that will be made to sell the 4/3rds system to new comers anyway, if it comes to exist-  just like the E-5- a nice perk for those of us who have 4/3rd lenses and want to continue to use that system.

Rumor has it the Pentax K-3 will be announced within 3 months from now, probably a sensor ballpark competitor of the Nikon D7100.  If Olympus wants to keep more of their 4/3rds market around to buy their E-7 (if it will exist), maybe it wouldn't hurt much to announce it now even if it won't be available until later this year.

Of course maybe the E-7 won't come to be and we will have a micro our thirds capable of using the 4/3rds lenses well, in which case they have to keep secret since a micro four thirds model is their current torch bearer.

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