Old 600mm Nikkor MF lens on FT1 +V2

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Re: Old 600mm Nikkor MF lens on FT1 +V2

You list some very impressive glass there! Wow. I would love to have the 200-400mm, and I didn't even know about the 500mm VR. Thanks for sharing your wild life photographs here, as that is a subject that I never have a chance to photograph myself.

Bobby Handal wrote:

Hello Michael !! jajajaj I guess you are right. You see, I am nature photographer mainly and wild animals in my country are scared of humans, so one must use telephoto lenses.

I have been using nikon equipment for 34 years, so I could say that I have quite a bit of glass accumulated .

Coming from a D800 which is full frame and a D7000 which is DX you can crop but its still not enough to fill the frame on some subjects. That is why with the years I have amassed quite a repertoire of lenses :

300-800mm Sigma

600mm Nikkor (20 yr old)

500mm VR nikkor (my precious baby)

200-400mm VR ( my new favorite with the V2)

and my 50-500mm OS sigma (my battlefield lens) that regretfully doesn't work (yet) with my V2.

So its obvious that I am thrilled with the V2 and V1 due to their cropability. I seek more but I am happy at this time.

Thanks for your comments, really appreciate it.

Michael M. wrote:

I have to say, you are the long focal length aficionado. Great job getting those images. Thanks for sharing them.

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