Fuji X-20 compared to Nikon D50

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Re: Fuji X-20 compared to Nikon D50

let's face it; the Fuji x20 will probably be enough camera and more than adequate for 90% of us. Unless you're obsessed with peeping those pixels or printing very very large or shooting in candle light? Then I am pretty confident you will be happy with the x20 (or x10)

my suggestion is to take a memory card into a shop (store) and get a few test shot, that's what I like to do if possible before buying. I even did it with x10 out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised (they have great macro ability aswell).

I think you shoul go for it, the x20 I'm sure will delver the goods & Fuji cameras are so much fun to shoot with the dedicated dials etc.  I would rather have the x10 than D50 any day (but that's just me, an ex d7000  owner now enjoying the XE1 experience.

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