MX-1 — World's best value compact (video review)

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Re: MX-1 — World's best value compact (video review)

citrontokyo wrote:

I'm a fan of Blunty's reviews. He doesn't pull any punches and seems pretty honest when talking about what he likes in his cameras. I'm not sure how objective he is; from the reviews I've seen, he seems to have a soft spot for Sony, Nikon, Pentax and maybe even Apple. Pretty much any camera he likes gets his appreciation.

I'm only a relatively infrequent lurker in these here forums... so I'm not going to "interfere" with ongoing discussions...

But just to your questioning of my objectivity and "Pretty much any camera he likes gets his appreciation." (I'll ignore the recursive, circular illogic of that statement );

Some of my 'peers' either try to cram their vids with forced humour, and/or love being intentionally snarky in their "reviews" as it encourages lots of arguing, and arguing means more comments...

I tend only to bother producing video reviews on gear that I'm actually passionate about, and am happy to recommend. In this way I hope my vids are more USEFUL and practical to people actually trying to make buying decisions. (as opposed to trying to be entertaining first, informative second as some other youtube based camera reviews seem to, rather irritatingly, increasingly be about)

It's for this reason that 95% of the time if you see a camera review from me, it's something that I see worth in. This is why you're getting the impression I love everything I get my hands on.

And It's got nothing to do with which brand it comes form... my personal collection of camera gear spreads over pretty much every major brand there is.

I've a general "no bulls#!t" policy... if I dig something I'll tell you why, if something bugs me about a product, I'll also tell you why.

All that out of the way. Thrilled some of you enjoyed the review and found it useful (even for those of you it's just reinforcing your already made purchasing decision )

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