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JayBratcher wrote:

jkjond wrote:

On that basis, you won't buy another camera for a long long time. What blew me away when I left the d70 was how much difference a decent viewfinder, focus point coverage and LCD made.

How do you like your Olly?

Actually, that was kind of a tongue in cheek comment - but it is interesting to note that it took 9 years to get that far with sensor resolution in the same class of camera. There are other more important features though,

my comment was 100% tongue in cheek, but I'm economising on the use of the sark mark.

As for the Oly - I have a love / hate relationship with it. It's images are noisier than I expected, and I can't come to terms with the menu system. It is highly customizable though, and that helps. It's not as clean as the Panasonic GH series interfaces though, which are much more DSLR-like. I'm not sure if I will keep it or not once my D7100 arrives - I may have to sell it to pay for the D7100! We'll see...

I doubt the noise would bother me, but it does strike me as a camera that's not quite there yet. The updates should be interesting.

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