Free Riders in Challenge Voting: My Top Ten!

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Re: Free Riders in Challenge Voting: My Top Ten!

RuthC wrote:

I've recently compiled an interesting list of some of the challenge entrants who have enjoyed participating in entering many, many challenges, but have not, IMO, contributed their fair share of voting for other entries. (I know voting isn't compulsory, but....)

Heres' my top ten picks. Don't forget to congratulate them if you see their names in your challenges.

1. Minzaw. Challenges: 2,237. Votes: 183

2. Gerry328. Challenges: 2,098. Votes: 318

3. TXPhoto Doc. Challenges: 1,276. Votes: 0 (that's a good one, isn't it?)

4. aniramca. Challenges: 1,054. Votes: 0 (another good one, huh?)

5. Deepak Kaw. Challenges: 811. Votes: 2.

6. Bonzai. Challenges: 809. Votes: 15.

7. Minnie V. Challenges: 721. Votes: 1.

8. DigitalTed. Challenges: 468. Votes: 4.

9. Molarjung. Challenges: 399. Votes: 1.

10. El Drac. Challenges: 377. Votes: 0.

I could continue compiling names, but I think you get the idea that there are some members who are not REALLY pulling their weight in these challenges, yet expect others to vote for their treasured entries.....


We all pull our weight in different ways. When has that become politically incorrect?

If you want to bring home the bacon and cook it, doesn't mean your husband have to wash the dishes and start ironing your blouses.

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