FUJI X100S or NEX7N or ...?

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Re: FUJI X100S or NEX7N or ...?

If you shot pictures at my wedding and got in everyone's face because you only had a 23mm lens on you, chances are you would get punched-out by the most liquored-up participant. Your choice should be between the X E-1 and the NEX7N.  You need a zoom, my friend.

Just sold my 5N for the X E-1. Yes, people are correct about the poor skin tones of the Sony line.  But, I have a more nuanced view about the availability of good glass for the Sony. Only Sony will have a 18-200mm OIS lens to catch every little detail and expression from across the room. Fuji will have the 55-200 out in a few months, but that would necessitate carrying two lenses. The Fuji 18-55 has far superior resolution/distortion compared to the Sony, but the Sony is 1/3 of the Fuji's length and has much better stabilization. All of these lenses have digital correction of their flaws. Sony has a new 35mm F/1.8 OIS lens- such a lens can be amazingly useful in the right situation.

A prime can be a hindrance in wedding shooting, but the Sigma ART primes lenses for Sony have shown to surpass many far more expensive lenses. If primes are your thing, Zeiss will be releasing prime lenses for both Sony and Fuji later this year.

Folks here are correct the the X E-1 will likely blow away the 7N for low-light shots. The 7N is rumored to have an updated 24MPx sensor, which will surely exceed the dynamic range of the Fuji (not a hard task). If the Sony obviates the AA filter, resolution of the Sony will be higher. Like the X100s, the new Sony probably will have on-sensor PD in addition to CD, so speed of autofocus compared to the X E-1 will be higher. The Sony will also have facial recognition, which will increase the amount of in-focus people shots compared to the Fuji.

Sony's colors will still suck and you will not likely use OOC JPEGs like you can with the Fuji X E-1 .  You can try and color-correct Sony images with the likes of DxO or other programs, but they never get to FujiColor.

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