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Re: So, buy a newer cheap and light netbook instead. ;-)

Jim Cockfield wrote:

So, as someone else suggested, find a different trip if you can't bring enough stuff with you to allow for something like a small netbook.

Find another Africa?  If you want to skip a long time in a jeep/landrover, you're going to be on one of these small planes, and we're talking pretty low ceilings and no baggage storage besides your lap.  It's hard getting into your seat.  Fortunately, you're often doing a loop where you drive out, and then fly back (or vice versa), so you may have a basecamp where you can leave what you don't need for that part.  But the OP is doing a long trip so it may be a lot of one way stuff.

A cheap netbook has little storage, or if like mine, is pushing up towards 2.5-3 lbs with the hard drive and the big battery and charger and case and ....  If no hard drive, or because you're wisely paranoid about losing it, you're still keeping everything on flash cards as well, so you're still stocking up on those cards.

Safari trips are a lot of time without any form of internet, and often without even an electrical outlet at all.  The opportunities you get, you charge the camera batteries.  Wifi hotspots are quite rare, and the business computer is a relic with a speed that resembles (or is) dialup (shared).

For a month long trip, I might be tempted to find one of those EOL Epson devices as a second copy.  But it's still more weight and a device to keep charged and track of.  Whereas I can stick every full CF card in my lower pants pocket and know exactly where it is.

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