Should I buy the Pana 7-14mm ASPH or the Oly 9-18mm?

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Re: I photograph (small) guest house rooms all the time with the 9-18

Hen3ry wrote:

dadaoftwo wrote:

My widest lens is currently the Pana Lumix 14mm f2.5 - which is nice, but I want to take interior pictures in my apartment, which is a bit small for the 14mm to handle.

The disadvantage for me about the Pana is that it can't fit a filter without some advanced fiddling skills (which I don't have) but I don't know how wide the 9-18mm can go and whether it is suitable for a small apartment.

Advice please, good citizens of dpreview!

In fact, I would not want to go wider than 9. Most recently, I've found myself (to my surprise!) zooming back a little to 10 or 11 to reduce obvious distortion.

Have a look at,_self_contained.htm for an example of the 9-18 in action at 9mm. (Note: this is a commercial site but is by no means a solicitation by me, simply an example of this lens at work. I hope that is permitted; if not, please delete the link, Mod(s) and I will painfully prepare and post a picture.)

BUT having said that, I am sure others will promote the cause of the 7-14. One of its advantages, of course, is its constant maximum aperture of f4 throughout the zoom range. If you are using the 9-18, as I do, as a somewhat substitute for a 9 or 10mm pancake, then this is not a worry since the loss of aperture between 9 and (say) 11 with the 9-18 is virtually nil.

It does get to be a bit of a worry when you get towards the 18mm end of the zoom (which I do ​very​ occasionally) and you are reduced to f5.6. One of the problems then is focusing in dim light. If that happens, I switch to the f2.5 14 which is my "standard" lens and with me all the time.

Cheers, geoff

Thanks Geoff, that was awesome!

I think my question has been answered! I will go for the 9-18mm and maybe a fisheye later...

Now to get myself to Rabaul!

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