Blending signature wines...and the P7700

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Re: Blending signature wines...and the P7700

Hi Ben. Obviously you had a great time at this winery! A very nice set of pictures too - it illustrates the whole event perfectly. A couple of questions if I may:

When you say that you used Lightroom to convert P7700's RAWs and that you later used Irfanview to convert to JPEGs - what conversion are you speaking of in case of Lightroom? Not RAW-->JPEG then? RAW-->DNG? Or do you use Irfanfview just to downsample JPEGs for the web?

I noticed that you tend to use ISO 400 with SB700. Wouldn't a combination of a lower ISO with more output from the flash work just as well (especially since you're using that omnibounce cap anyway)? The photo with your wife in the lab for example, which was taken from a close distance - wouldn't it work better at ISO 100 (less noise)? I know noise is not an issue at all at this size, but still...

Just curious: why are you getting rid of the Fuji? Because you're getting an X20 instead (I know you simultaneously own a huge selection of cameras)?

Kind regards, Tomaz

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