These contest "winning" images are junk in my opinion

Started Feb 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
Beach Bum Senior Member • Posts: 1,055
The best rarely get the credit they deserve...

G3User wrote:

Check out these resulting "winning" images. What is your opinion of the grand prize image? I don't think it's worthy in the least. What a joke of a competition. Really disappointed in Nat Geo.

I've said it numerous times that the best people in any field are usually guaranteed not to get any credit for being as good as they are. The reason is that the people doing the judging or voting are almost never at the same level as the highest competitors. It's been proven repeatedly that mediocre individuals cannot properly judge the merit of superlative individuals.

This is, in fact, the reason we almost never get exceptional presidents or lawmakers. When you have average people doing the judging, you get mediocre results. So, in essence, all of life is a race toward mediocrity.

The only benefit that someone with great skill will ever get out of life is to be selfish and use that skill to their own personal gain. Sharing is a dead end. Unless you're mediocre, of course, then sharing has a purpose.

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