Struggling with Canon 7d

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Re: Struggling with Canon 7d

rickreyn wrote:

I almost got the 7d or the D7000 too (went back and forth), but got the 60d wanting to save money. I wish money wasn't an issue! Now full circle, I have the 7D, but the D7100 looks formidable. I don't think learning the AF will be that hard either, if I learn hands on. I could watch the videos til I'm blue in the face and not get it. Just did a little practiciing last night and made good strides. We're not flying a jet here!

Once you understand the AF in the 7d, all the other cameras are variations of it. 19zone in the 7d is the 39 zones in the d7000, the zone af of the 7d is the 9 zone af in the d7000, spot... One shot...

The words change but the concepts stay the same, the real problem is getting the fingers to relearn all the new positions and combinations, but I'm a klutz...

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