MX-1 — World's best value compact (video review)

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I see K-01 as a stop gap measure

KingDon wrote:

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

MX-1 — World's best value compact

An interesting new, detailed video review and a comparison with Sony RX100. According to my countryman Blunty, there's little doubt that MX-1 is the world's best value for $$ compact.

I find it interesting that you are citing a video that is claiming tiltable LCD as a big plus, but just yesterday you won't admit that non tiltable LCD on K01 was a big negative.

I never believed K-01 was a serious enough, well-thought out product to start a whole new line.
However, I thought it was a worthy experiment though, not without merits and with a certain good value overall. It was a calculated move, well played too. 
I could go in details about it, but in short, I see the K-01 was something like the K-5 II — a stop gap measure. Both cameras were releases, or ideas, that buy some valuable time to the company. Such products keep the company on the radar of public interest, and keep people talking about them. Even bad publicity is better than no publicity at all! But if they bring in some controversy, even better!

Because 6 months before K-01 was launched, Ricoh acquired Pentax officially, and Ricoh have brought their own mirrorless solution into the new company. Both companies had to put minds together, consolidate which way to go. To make a whole new and comprehensive mirorless line — and not disturb DSLR line — value all risks about it, etc. takes so much more time. So K-01 was a quick half-answer to the market who wanted to know how Pentax (now Pentax Ricoh Imaging) responds to mirrorless. As such it was a smart, quick answer, that surely bought company one year of R&D. To make it advertise the name of Pentax, they've hired a top designer in the game too, to compensate in all areas where camera lacks because there was never any overly serious development about it.

PS. Tilting screen would make K-01 even thicker, so I don't know how would that work.

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