Too much agonizing over little things

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yray wrote:

chlamchowder wrote:

We warned, he has complain about his copyrighted material, which copied, being pasted in DPR forums. Just give the link next time.

Talk about agonizing over little things. If anything posting snippets like this only help to drive traffic to his site. Especially when the link is include as the op did. There is also a chance a post like this would fall under fair use as well. If he is really worrying about it he needs to take his own advice.

Guys, it's completely fine as long as you aren't trying to pass other people's work off as your own. In other words, citing the source and clearly quoting it when you're taking it word by word is enough. Otherwise, it'd be a pretty big impediment on freedom of speech wouldn't it? It'd be ridiculously difficult to comment on other people's work.

I would doubt Thom Hogan would complain about this quote. It is obvious that it is a quote, it is not taken out of context, its meaning has not been altered or distorted in any way as far as I can see, intentionally or otherwise, and it may indeed drive some additional traffic to his site -- which I doubt he would object to. In the worst case he may send me a private message via this forum with his complaint and/or ask the moderator to remove this thread, which would be fine, though I still don't see any basis for this.

If he did, invite him to court. He'd get his posterior handed to him by any judge with a minimum of 3 brain cells used to make a decision.

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