Nikon D7100 Full size samples : Yikes !

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Re: Nikon D7100 Full size samples : Yikes !

I expect the D7100 sensor to out do the D5200 just a bit. Raws from the D5200 really out perform my D90  at ISO 3200 and clean up much better. Also shadows can be pushed more. Unless Nikon blows it with the D7100 I expect this body to be a nice upgrade to the D90 generation of sensors. In fact in my testing of the D5200 and D600 at ISO 3200 the D5200 fairs really well with some Neat Image noise reduction and viewed at 50% which represents the most noise I will likely ever see in a print and with web uploads. Very usable at ISO 3200 and the D7100 should be a bit better. Viewing 24-36mp files at 100% does not represent actual use of the images even if it is fun to do.

Is there even  a raw convertor that can convert a D7100 raw yet?

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