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Re: Where have all the flowers gone??

19andrew47 wrote:

A sad looking fellow my wife wanted for the garden. 

12 - 60 mm

I looked through many online pages of winged gargoyle garden sculptures, but found no brothers to this one, which looks somewhat lionesque.

Apparently there is some pop mythology about gargoyles having a function of keeping evil at bay, so perhaps this fellow is warding off aphids and thrips or somesuch, even as he mourns the dearth of flowers.

The photo is nice and crisp in the sculpture's features.  Though natural tonal range in the unpainted gargoyle is not wide, details and relief are quite good, especially in the face and head; the brow shadow gives his eye sockets good dimension.  High angle emphasizes the most interesting parts of the sculpture.

A small niggle is the light-color foliage behind the top of the gargoyle's head.  If it were more blurred, or darker, it would be less noticeable.

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