A Small Canon powershot VS Nikon V1

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Re: A Small Canon powershot VS Nikon V1

peter42y wrote:

Hi : I already did post this comparison in the Canon powershot message board.

I doubt that many users of this board did saw it.

Here is this the comparison.

One picture was shot with theCanon powershot Elph500HS/ IXUS 310

The other was shot with the V1.

The pictures were not taken at the same time.


Two boring, unchallenging shots.  Sure, in daylight, at an average focal range, a decent point & shoot can take a shot that's in focus, properly metered, with nice color.   Why on earth would it not be able to?   It's just not asking very much of a camera to do that.  It's like kicking field goals from the 20 yard line or making free throws.   It's possible for a high school athlete to do those things consistently, but that doesn't make him just like a pro player.

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