Aperture 3 - how to write keywords to IPTC in original files?

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Re: Aperture 3 - how to write keywords to IPTC in original files? SOLVED

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question from an "enthusiastic" newbie. I am using Aperture ver. 3.4.3 to keep my 17,000+ library organized (in a referenced library). Each image has one or more keywords. I am trying to make those keywords available to applications outside of Aperture. I select from the menu Metadata the option Write IPTC to Original. I get no feedback (success or failure), but it looks like my action has no results. The original file does not get updated with the Aperture keywords verified using Preview, Spotlight, and Digital Photo Professional). I have tried this both with RAW and with JPEG files - same (non) result.

Am I missing something? Is this a "known issue"?


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I realized that the pictures that I thought were referenced were actually managed files. Therefore when I tried to write the IPTC information to the original files, there was no file outside of the library to write to!

After I relocated those managed files to my HD the write IPTC feature now works.

Thanks to all of you who tried to help!

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