D800 or D4 : Family Vacation

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Re: D800 or D4 : Family Vacation

Arvind Balaraman wrote:

let me clarify my concerns


Pros: better resolution for shooting cityscapes, monuments, landscapes, cheaper (than D4)

Cons: huge file sze = less photos or additional storage to carry, not as good as d4 in low light


Pros: low light capability, smaller file size = more photos

Cons: small resolution, expensive

Hence torn. This is a family vation, but i will get lots f time to shoot photos

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Rgds Arvind Balaraman

With D4 you will stand out in a crowd more than with a D800. Is that what you want? If not -- take the smaller body. I don't think image quality differences is the main issue here.

Also, I would strongly recommend you to insure all expensive equipment.

my 0.02

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