Sony CZ SEL 24 f/1.8 vs. Voigtländer Ulton 21 f/1.8

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Re: Sony CZ SEL 24 f/1.8 vs. Voigtländer Ulton 21 f/1.8

blue_skies wrote:

Erik Pronske wrote:

Anybody know of any comparisons in image quality for these lenses on the NEX. I realize that the Ultron is manual focus, which doesn't bother me, and I have an adapter for Voigtländer. Really just interested in image quality.


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Erik H. Pronske, M.D.

If a Nex-7, or if you desire f/1.8, consider only the E24Z.

If a 16Mp Nex, consider the much cheaper CV Color Skopar 21/4.0. (This Skopar has significant color shift on a Nex-7).

The 35mm/1.8 Ultron is rumored to work well on all Nex cameras, but the 21mm/1.8 Ultron has colorshift. It also needs to be stopped down to f/4 often, for sharpness, which makes it a large and expensive Skopar 21, and more expensive than the E24Z, without AF.

Also consider the Sigma 19/2.8 and the E20/2.8 pancake.

Ron Schaefer reviewed the 21mm Ultron on a Nex-7, but posted only 3 Nex images (his main review was on a M9). The color shift on the Nex-7 is less than that of the 21/4 Skopar however.

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I assume the OP had a reason for being interested in the large aperture Ultron vs. the f/4.0 Skopar.

Maybe the CV Ultron 28mm F/2 is another option?

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