Too much agonizing over little things

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Re: Too much agonizing over Polaroids

mothergoose wrote:

Most of us should agree with Thom's comment "Yet some of those older pictures endure. Why? Because the little things that were wrong with them were far outweighed by the things that were right, which is to say composition, timing, poses, unique event/perspective, etc."

With equipment today you can have all that and more.

Agonizing over the little things is what brings people here--to look for answers. When everything is working as it should then it's not as necessary to post about it, so it makes sense you'll see more complaints. As they should complain when products don't work.

I'm sure people agonized over equipment 30 years ago, but since they were less connected to the world, the agonizing wasn't obvious. What is obvious though, is the dramatic increase in photos/cameras.

maybe a disconnect would be something manufacturers can put into the camera software to slow us down again. back to the days when it took hours/days to get your images. one took time to study and appreciate the image(s), sometimes with chemicals dripping down your arm.

imagine thinking/visualizing what you want to capture, and setting settings. damn instant gratification.

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