Shakeout in the mirrorless market

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Re: If everyone that talked endlessly about the K-01...

dmanthree wrote:

News flash: the movie Heaven's Gate got a lot of attention, but was never released. Attention isn't necessarily a sales driver.

I guess I should have put my tongue in my cheek there. No one could argue that the K-01 was a marketing failure, but that doesn't make it a bad camera. History is littered with good cameras that didn't sell well.

In the case of the K01, it got attention because it was such a spectacular failure from pretty much any standpoint. Except for image quality. But you had to have the patience of Job to make those images. Dysfunctional, slow, ugly, call it whatever you want, but there was almost no reason to buy one over one of Pentax's excellent SLRs.

I don't have the patience of Jobs and managed to get some keepers from it. So have others -

Fact is that for the past year it's been the cheapest way to use Pentax lenses (with full functionality) with the wonderful Sony 16Mp sensor. AF is as fast as all but the latest Olympus cameras that everyone fawned over with image quality that's noticeably better.

I'm not saying that the Olympus cameras are bad. They are capable of good photos too. As a matter of fact, I challenge anyone to name one camera over $400 that takes bad pictures. Sure, each has their strengths and weaknesses, but we're bickering over specs as if we're teenagers arguing Mustang vs. Camaro.

I'm as guilty as the next guy, but it really is pointless, and certainly not photography.

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