I continue to be amazed with the high ISO on the D600

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Re: over exposed?

Duncan C wrote:

I do see what you are talking about in the images I posted, now that you mention it.

However, looking at the original images, they are not over exposed. The histogram has almost no pixels until a brightness of about 241 in Photoshop.

Over exposed does not necessarily mean "blown out".  A color can be over exposed for how it should appear.  For instance your close up of the deer has no blacks in it, the blacks are over exposed into grey values.  So essentially it lacks any shadow contrast.

Not every image needs to or should have pixels near 250 on the pixel value.  Those are reserved for the brightest whites.  If you don't have bright whites you should not have pixels that bright in an image.  It's about exposing for the scene you have not to make a historgram look any certain way.

My opinion is that all the photos you have should have the histogram weighted towards the darker end because that is the types of colors in the images.  There really aren't any bright whites as this is low light and not under sunny conditions.  Not the colors values in the histogram are in the middle - no blacks.  Sort of like a JPG photo shot under cloudy conditions - needs to be developed applying appropriate contrast.

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