Windows 8 - UGH! What were they thinking?

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Re: Windows 8 - UGH! What were they thinking?

Sean Nelson wrote:

The biggest reason I can think of, Office apps, I just don't see as something I'd want to use on a small touchscreen.

Don't worry, it's "vastly scaled-down."

But seriously, I just got a Surface Pro with the 1024 level stylus and 1) it's a ground-breaking machine and 2) Win8 is powerful, fun, easy to use and will certainly dominate the PC market (walk into a Best Buy lately?).  (Touch is the future on non-desktops.)

To get an idea of some of the potential read this review by a well-known artist of the Surface:

And the redditt commentary for a much more realistic view than anything I've read here.

(young people don't seem to have any problems with Win8)

Some of the comments:

"Best tablet for artists available." "Better than 12" Cintique."

"Best note-taking device for engineering students."  (One Note is industry standard).

(best handwriting recognition, user can draw mathematical formulae, molecules, etc.,  access/sync notes on Skydrive)

"Runs all Windows programs  (CS6, Full Office) from the last 20 years, largest ecosystem in the world."

"App system already useful, growing quickly."

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