Help with Zeiss 24mm!

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Re: Help with Zeiss 24mm!

I was guessing about the UWA. If you were really close to something big and it still fit in your frame, odds are it's the 12, not the 16. It's not an electronic adapter though so they'll all come out as 16 in the EXIF. Only way to be sure is to take notes when you're shooting. Or you could pop the adapter off and take the same pic you just took and then you'll know which one is wider.

Filters is a whooooole other topic, as they all do different things. ND filters allow you to shoot at slow shutter speeds even in bright light, polarizers remove reflections from water and can enhance colours when shot at the right angle, others change colours or lower contrast. You can start here: and then read about actual photographers using them if you want to learn about them, but in my experience you won't really understand what filters you should carry and how you want to use them until you go out and find a situation where one would have helped.

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