MX-1 — World's best value compact (video review)

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Re: MX-1 — World's best value compact (video review)

Model Mike wrote:

KingDon wrote:
MX-1 has not yet been reviewed by any major review site, but it's in a different (non-pocketable) high-end category. It's competing against cameras like Samsung EX2, Panasonic LX-7, Olympus XZ-2, Fujfilm X20. These are all very good cameras, and without a proper review it's hard to say in what way MX-1 is better than these cameras.

I have an Oly XZ-1 and I believe the MX-1 (and XZ-2) use the same lens. In which case they'll have a good start. The IQ of my XZ-1 is good enough, but the menu system and general handling are total pants. I do wish reviewers would place more emphasis on usability, so kudos to Blunty.

The Pentax UI and better handling of the MX-1 are very appealing - but the slow RAW processing could be a deal breaker.

I have posted about the MX-1 in the Pentax compact forum here and at pentaxforums site and agree whole-heartedly about the need to emphasize on usability. I am a Pentax girl (K100D, K200D, and now the K5 and MX-1)

About 20 months ago I bought the Oly XZ-1. Great images but the menu system and "usability" were horrible. I suppose if it were my main / only camera used daily, I would have learned and remembered it but that just never happened. Consequently I left it in auto mode most of the time b/c trying to manipulate it took too long.

A day after my MX-1 arrived, the Oly XZ-1 died completely on me. First camera I've ever had die on me. Reviewers don't report on lifespan much either and while I know that can happen with any camera, it is frustrating when an "enthusiast" camera doesn't make it 2 years (with light use).

As I've mentioned in other posts, I never buy any electronic when it first comes out. The MX-1 was the exception and I'm beyond thrilled with it. It is an awesome little camera. Is it perfect? Of course not, we can all find fault in all cameras. The size and weight are really nice and very well balanced - not brick-like at all in my opinion. Feels much better than the XZ-1 ever did. The menus, dials, buttons - a dream. I can easily change settings and it is so much easier to remember than the Oly. I would have chalked that up to my Pentax heritage but I've seen others comment about Oly's awful menus so perhaps it isn't just me.

At a minimum, it is definitely worth a try and for me, it is definitely a keeper (and hope it lasts far longer than the 20 months of my last compact!)


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