Windows 8 - UGH! What were they thinking?

Started Feb 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
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No problems on my end.

I think its the best OS yet. I had no problems figuring out how to use it. The metro screen is only seen when I start it up or if I need to go there, otherwise its a fast responsive OS, I'm glad I upgraded from Vista. Very similar to W7 which a family member has. I found I didn't need the start button as almost everything I need is accessible from the folder at the bottom or by using a keyboard shortcut. I've gotten used to the look aftert a few weeks and now don't even think about it anymore. I notice only a small start up or shut down speed difference.

I admit I don't like the look of the Metro screen as it is now but I'm sure later we can customize it or just get an app that does that for us. I don't have much use for that screen as of yet. As is it's just a minor annoyance and I only spend a second there.

Now the one thing I don't care for is that you have to pay for codecs to watch DVDs and pay to have sound EQ/control like the SRS that used to be included with media player. The new after market version/apps don't even come with an equalizer anymore and the cost $29-39 which is way too expensive IMO. And one of the two apps requires a dedicated sound card to work. I got the OS for $39 but had to spend another $39 to get it fully functional. This is the way things are going to be from now on when you buy a computer device / smart phone, there's no reason MS shouldn't jump in as well. One of the benefits of apps from Apple, Android and I assume MS is that you can use the same apps across all your devices if you stay with the same brand of OS. That can really add up to some savings if you have a lot of apps.

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