Help with Zeiss 24mm!

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Re: Help with Zeiss 24mm!

Wow, great eye! I like your compositions. The second and third look like they were probably using the UWA.

If I was choosing, I would probably go with the 24mm because it's more versatile. It's a lens you can use all the time, vs. a lens that's only good for architectural and a certain kind (big, sweeping) landscapes. Someone mentioned that with wide lenses things often look too small in the distance. As your shots show, you need to be close to something interesting to get a good picture with something like a 12mm. You seem comfortable at the moderately wide focal lengths (as well as 12 and 16), and 24 is still wide enough to get good shots as a walk-around lens as well. The good news is that these Zeiss lenses are going to hold their value and if you buy one and change your mind you'll only be out a small percentage of the cost if you want to switch.

Re: depth of field and background blur, again the wider your lens the closer your need to get to your subject to get an effective separation going. Size smaller your f-number, the larger the whole in your lens is allowing light through, but when you focus on things further away your depth of field gets deeper and so the background will get less blurry. You've got to be a couple feet away from your subject to get blur at wider lengths like 24mm. The longer your lens the further away you can be from your subject and still get the blur. Take your 18-200 and shoot something across the street at 200. Even though your aperture is relatively small (f6.3) you'll still get some blur. This is why 50, 85, 100mm etc. are good lengths for shooting portraits.

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