How poorly documented AF tune is

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Re: How poorly documented AF tune is

ADMint wrote:

Testing123 wrote:

Nikon D800/D800e User's Manual, Page 338:

"AF tuning is not recommended in most situations and may interfere with normal focus; use only when required."

Clearly Nikon doesn't want you going there. Some of the reasons have been posted above, others may be more anecdotal, but it is interesting that they provide this feature none the less.

Not necessarily true. That feature is there for micro (fine tuning) your lenses to the camera. Most high end or intermediate cameras have this feature. And if Nikon/Canon/whoever truly didn’t want you using it, they simply wouldn’t make it accessible to you. BTW…

Yes, I should have written, "Nikon doesn't recommend you going there in most situations' since that's what they officially wrote in the user's guide."

BTW, they also say the same thing in their D7000 user's guide (page 246). I know this because I also had a focus problem with my D7000 which Nikon acknowledged through their El Segundo repair facility.

"Professional photographers sometimes require an extra level of ultra-fine AF tuning.

I would heartily agree with this. I was short on time or would have included same in my previous message.

Also, I don't see where people above are saying not to use Fine Tune?

BJN wrote:

While Nikon is good at providing bad documentation, I'd bet the lack of calibration specifics is intentional. I can see Nikon wisely wanting to avoid the mire of defining a test procedure and then going into details about all the variables that can affect results. Not to mention that they'd have to spell out what margin of error they consider acceptable.

I suppose this doesn't as much point to USING the feature as it does to why Nikon may not have documented it more fully (as well as Robin's point it's a user's guide, not a technical manual).



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