Help with Zeiss 24mm!

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Re: Help with Zeiss 24mm!

Hi, and thanks for taking time out to clear some things up for me. I'm still in the process of figuring out how everything works. One thing that I haven't been successful in was blurring of the background. I tried dropping the Aperture down to the lowest on the 1650, not sure what I did wrong, but the background didn't look particularly out of focus.

I checked the meta data on my pictures, and I can see that I enjoy shooting at 16mm (sometimes using a UWA on the 16f28 that I borrowed), between 20-28mm (that's why I assumed 24mm might be a good option) and there's a few that range from 30-50mm but not too many.

Here's a few shots I took with the 16mm (I'm new, and having upgraded from an old P&S the quality to me seems good). What do you think? Can't remember which of these were shot with the UWA on though

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