What the 'I want more pixels' brigade don't consider!

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Simon, Roland

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Simon Devlin wrote:

I really like the first picture Gerry.

Me too

They just wouldn't look as good if they were taken at super resolution (if you know what I mean)

Thats why Instagram and other lofi technologies have had such a success lately. There is a charm in imperfection. But ... it is actually quite easy to lofi an image thats hifi. Its only a matter of state of mind. It hurts to degrade an image deliberately. You just have to get over that barrier.

I'm glad you both like the photo but when I took it I wanted a crisp shot of the people, which the camera I used didn't provide.  I've spent half a century of seeing high-quality photos from top photographers and wishing I could emulate that quality.  With digital I'm much closer than I ever got with film.

In general I thoroughly dislike faded, distorted images.  For me Instagram is an invention of the devil.  But then I hate artificially retro styling: I loved my OM1/10 but hate the way the OM-D pretends to be the same - it doesn't have a pentaprism so why that pyramid on top?  Etc etc ...

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