Racing from the stands -- lens suggestions?

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what camera do you have?

uwwarhawk wrote:

Before I start, I know these are not ideal conditions... but I'm curious anyways. Has anyone on here ever shot NASCAR/ NHRA/ or local short track races from the stands? If so, what would you recommend for a lens on a Nikon DSLR?

I am not interested in taking thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of equipment to these events, nor do I wish to sell my photos. I simply take them for my own (and other fan's) enjoyment. Of course I do want nice looking pictures that can fill at least a good portion of the frame, but I also realize that I'm asking for a lot.

Again -- my budget is somewhat limited, and I still want to be a "fan" more than a professional photographer. To be honest, I'm not even entirely sure how much "reach" I would need from a lens to achieve this?

Any help would be appreciated Thanks!

200mm on a DX body will let you fill the frame with a scene 50 feet wide (about 3 car lengths) from a distance of about 400 feet ... the 55-200mm lenses (w/ and w/o image stabilization) are under $200 and the superzoom 18-200mm is about $550

nikon makes a couple of DX lenses with focal lengths greater than 200mm if you're sitting further back -- the superzoom 18-300 (~$950) and the 55-300 ($400) ...
if you have an FX body, you have a few more choices ...

hope this helps ...

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