Sony, please make us a CZ 24-105mm/f4

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24-105 Minolta better than I expected it would be...

I pulled the trigger on a "new - old stock" example of this lens I stumbled across on the Bay...

It arrived a couple of weeks ago.

I am pleasantly surprised.  It did not cost much, a fraction of the price of the Canon L24-105 - which is a lens I am quite familiar with.

Here's the thing, maybe I did'nt have a great copy of the Canon back in the day, who knows, but I swear that the Minolta is not disgraced.

The Minolta is a nice lens.  It is very small , much smaller than I expected on the A99.  It's nicely made and I am happy with it.  I like the way it renders. From about 4.5 it seems plenty sharp to me.  Wide open, centre sharpness is pretty good, which is what really matters to me.

Maybe I got a good example, who knows,  but for the money I am a happy man.  

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