A list of good/bad MFT lens for new owner?

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Re: 45-150 or 45-200

josbiker wrote:

Please can you or some one else inform me about the shutter problems with the 45-175x.

I like the specs. etc and I am on the point to buy this lens in combination with the 12-35/2.8 lens and sell the 20/1.7, the 14-140 and the 100-300 lens.

I have made some test with ETC and I am satisfied with my results.( 175 and above with the 45-175 lens)

The zooming smoothnes is for me important with the elec. zoom lever from the 45-175.

So my nearby future should be: my GH3 with the 12-35/2.8 and the 45-175 that means for me lighter and less swaps and much more quality.

Please help me?


Jos, I think if you're absolutely scared/worried about the shutter shock issue, then it is best to avoid the 45-175 X lens all together.

If you google around, basically some people have reported image softness when the 45-175 X lens is used on Panasonic bodies. The problem appears most when:

- Zoomed in to 175mm
  - Shutter Speed between 1/60 - 1/150

There has been some explanation online explaining that it may be due to the harsh shutters of Panasonic cameras causing lens vibrations that the OIS is unable to correct. (similar to the issues some people experience with the 14-42 X lens).

Apparently there has been a firmware update, but it may or may not fix this... and not everyone has experienced this issue (so it may only be bad copies of this lens)... there is currently no annoucement from Panasonic regarding this either...

Personally, I've used both the 14-42 X and 45-175 X on the GX1 and I've followed the steps above and have not really experienced the shutter shock problems as described. Other people may agree or disagree with me, but if you're absolutely worried about it, then it's perhaps better to get an alternate lens to save the hassle?
What about the 12-35 X, 35-100 X, 100-300 ultimate lineup? (if budget is not an issue?)
I'm currently on 12-35 X, 45-175X, 100-300 as an interim setup until I can afford a 35-100 X, and I'm pretty happy with my setup so far... oh, and the slowness of the portrait range is sorted by the 45 f1.8 which I bought second hand for £200...

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