Have you ever killed a shutter?

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Re: Have you ever killed a shutter?

cosmonaut wrote:

So I am going to begin trying some time lapse stuff. At first my thinking was I'll use an older camera so I won't run up the shutter count on my main landscape rig. But after thinking it over and seeing the amazing high ISO shots from my D800, wow. I want to use it.

But I do have it in my mind that the D800 will it live a shorter life due to the heavier use? Maybe I can mix it up and only use the D800 for the high ISO shots and use something a little cheaper for the lower quality pictures.

That makes me think just really how many actually push their cameras to the point of shutter failure and it is fixable and not the end of the world, correct?

I bought the D800 to use and not to just look pretty around my neck. Just how hard have you pushed your equipment in the past? Personally I am a very selective shooter and the older I get the less exposures it takes to get what I want. I know TL will be different.

Just thinking out load I guess and opening up a fresh topic.

Use your D800. The shutter ratings are only what it is tested to. In reality, most shutters last WAY longer, often double.

A shutter replacement is around $300, so even if you needed to replace it at some point, its a small price to pay to have all your photos done by the D800 rather than some lesser camera you may feel you are compromising with.

You bought your D800 to use, so you might as well get your money's worth. A new shutter is pretty cheap all things considered.

The D800 shutter is rated to 200,000 cycles.  Lets say it dies at 350,000 cycles, which is a very realistic number.  The cost of a new shutter is pretty reasonable considering it will give you another 200,000++ pictures with your D800 if it ever fails in the first place.

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