Whats the best Nikkor Marco lens for the D7000?

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Re: Whats the best Nikkor Marco lens for the D7000?

All the answers will be pretty much the same - the longest lens you can afford tends to be the 'best'.    Simply because it tends to give you more options when shooting.   A true macro lens gives you 1:1 magnification, so any macro lens gets you close enough.   The longer ones give you distance between your subject and the lens, which has all kinds of advantages.

Some things to consider when you are talking about macro.  First, VR is of little use at extreme closeups.   Second, autofocus is also of little use.   VR is simply not very effective at close range.  And when you shoot macro, you are usually fine tuning focus by hand.  In fact, you may end up focusing with a macro rail, which moves the entire camera forward and back in very small increments.    This all means that you do not need to get an autofocus lens to shoot macro.

Next, consider that ALL the current lenses, and just about all of the macro lenses made in the last 30 years are very, very good (sharp) lenses.    You can save a lot of money if you can find a 20-year old manual focus macro lens.

I personally have the 105vr, and I think it's an extremely good lens.  But I hardly shoot it at macro ranges.  I find it to be very versatile, partly because of VR and autofocus.   It's a handy focal length (not too short), and it works well as a portrait lens.   It's my most-used prime except for a 300F4 that I use for wildlife.   I do a lot of close-up work with it, and it's good handheld there (partly because of VR).    Flower shots tend to be closeups rather than macro.

If you really want to shoot in the macro range, you'll find you need to use a tripod.   You'll also find yourself stopping way down to get more than a mere sliver of depth of field.   Shooting at F22 tends to mean either slow shutter speeds (tripod, subject not moving), or flash (need longer lens to get the lighting in there).      Shooting closeups just means having enough shutter speed to freeze the subject and prevent motion blur.

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