What will happen when a D400 comes

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Re: What will happen when a D400 comes

dseventy wrote:

It's not only market share for the camera, but when you add in the glass and accessories that the D300 buys up, it gets to be fairly important.

A consumer might be happy with the kit lens and a cheap tele-zoom.

A D400 user will likely have pro glass, battery pack, flash system, wi-fi, stero mic, etc etc

But the average D400 user might already be set with lenses and flash. I know if I were to buy a D400 I wouldn't really be looking at much new glass as I have all I need. I imagine this is going to be true with many the current D300 owners.

Don't tell Nikon but the only way I'm buying any new glass is if I get an FX camera. My wide angle stuff is all DX and would have to go.

For that reason alone, it's in Nikon's best interest to give us a D400. Hell, just let us swap in a new generation sensor!

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