Sony a77 appears to fake video specs!

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Re: Sony a77 appears to fake video specs!

Karl Scharf wrote:

So, get a dedicated video camera, if you are not happy with the A77 video specs!!!

No offense, but why do non-video people always say "get a real video camera" whenever someone attempts to discuss an aspect of these HDSLR video camera?  It's not really helpful suggestion at all, since the OP already has quite capable video camera, that in many ways will outperform your typical camcorder, even some of the small sensor pro models.

HDSLR cameras are used increasingly in all manner of professional productions so it's kind of silly for some to keep suggesting camcorders or $5000 professional cinema cameras.  And the OP has a valid issue/concern.

I realize this is primarily a photography forum, but there has to be some way to discuss issues, bugs, features, specs, etc of a given HDSLR video camera without the someone throwing video cams into the mix all the time.  /rant/

As far as the OPs point about the measured resolution of the A77, this is the case with some other extremely popular DSLRs.  I remember Andrew at EOSHD talking about the fact that the 5D Mk III didn't produce true 1080p resolution but more like 720 or a bit more.

Cheers, Markus

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